Short-cycle parts washer, robot friendly

MF5.0 – One Piece Flow Cleaning Solution Machine

< 30 seconds cycle time
22 square feet floor space
One piece flow
Short-cycle parts washer, robot friendly
  • Fast > Ensure a very high production rate (30 seconds cycle time)

  • Compact > Under 22 ft² floor space

  • Efficient > Ensured special cleanliness | Standards ISO 16232 – VDA 19

  • Robot friendly > Cleaning in robotic cell

  • One piece flow > One piece flow cleaning process without buffer

  • Lean manufacturing solution

Welcome to the modern world of cleaning
"One piece flow"

Optimize your take time

The MecanoFAST machine ensure a high cleaning rate from 20 to 60 seconds depending on the type of parts and their complexity!

Easy integration between manufacturing process

The MecanoFAST concept has been created to be integrated into production line with a short footprint to reduce technician walking time.

  • Under 22 ft² floor space

  • Width 2′ 3 9/16” (700mm)

Easy integration of robot cell parts washer

Continuous flow cleaning

The batch/basket cleaning concept generates a major disruption for the production efficiency resulting in slowing down the flow and generating downstream and upstream stock.

The MecanoFAST system has been developed for the high pace industry, this equipment use the “one-piece flow” concept with a short cycle time.

  • Continuous flow : no batch

  • Loading and unloading on the same fixture

  • Single piece, no buffer

  • Quick detection of machine failure

One-piece flow parts washer with manual mode

Cleaning and drying process fixture customized

The part fixture, the cleaning/drying tool are designed in 3D model and produced according to the parts drawing.

  • Cleaning and drying difficult reaching areas, cavities, blind holes, thread, etc…

  • Perfect drying

  • Part exit temperature below 95°F

Design of robot cell parts washer

Process Reliability & Repeatability

The MecanoFAST integrates high quality components from premium brands.

  • Display and process data monitoring using the touch screen interface

  • Automatic detergent addition / topping up

  • Programmable partial drain

Ergonomic HMI of robot cell parts washer

Improve your competitiveness by reducing operating costs by about 50 %

Overall the MecanoFAST system consumes 2 times less energy and around 4 times less water than the traditional Tunnel or Carrousel system type.

Flexible for the production flow

Is your assembly or production line operate manually or fully automated ?
The MecanoFAST system has a large front loading/unloading access for a quick and efficient load.

  • Semi-automated flow > technicians protected with light curtains
  • Automated flow  > integrated into a robotic cell via the Profinet interface and PN/PN coupler
Robot cell parts washer flexibility

Modular and easily upgradeable

Quick change over > replace tooling in less than 5 minutes !

Reconfiguration > only the tooling need to be replaced to run a different part number.

Integration of an indexed rotary table ensuring loading/unloading in masked time during cleaning cycle.

Also allows the integration of additional post cleaning process such as marking, traceability, quality check etc…

Quick cleaning and drying equipment with rotary table

An answer to your cleanliness requirements

We support you by setting up validation test and analysis in our laboratory.

  • Gravimetry and granulometry

  • Standards ISO 16232 – VDA19

  • Surface tension measurement

Particle cleaning for industrial parts

Streamlined and secured maintenance

A roller shutter combined with a set of sensors to ensure a secured and simplified access to the filtration system, tank and other moving parts.

  • Self-cleaning of the operating chamber

  • Automatic or complete partial draining

  • Maintenance monitoring management via IHM

  • Possibility to connect a measuring detergent unit

Secured maintenance of one piece flow parts washer

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Chamber diameter
9 3/16" to 23 5/8" (250 à 600 mm)
Chamber height
19 11/16" to 39 3/8" (500 à 1000 mm)
Special horizontal chamber
23 5/8" to 78 3/4" (600 à 2000 mm)
Loading height
3' 7 5/16" (1100 mm)
Maximum load
110 lbs (50 Kg)

Overall dimensions (excluding rotary table)

2' 3 9/16" (700mm)
8' 8 5/16" (2650mm)
9' 9 15/16"(2995mm)


Power Installed
18 kW
Tank volume
80 US gal (300 litres)
Noise level
78 Db (A)
Communication interface
Native Profinet I/O
Surface Alliance Cleaning - Industrial Parts Washer

Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the best Industrial parts washers. Our industrial parts cleaning machines can be perfectly adapted to your production lines.

Depending on your parts, contaminants and cleanliness requirements, together we can define the most appropriate process for cleaning your industrial parts, using our machines and different technologies.
Discover our cleaning technologies adapted to each of the sectors in which we operate. From the automotive sector to aeronautics and railways. We offer parts cleaning solutions for the medical, oil and general industrial sectors.

Case study
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of cranshaft in the automotive sector
Expert in Industrial Cleaning Machines for Automotive Parts
Automotive part washing – Cleaning Crankshaft

Cleaning crankshaft with a MecanoLav MecanoFAST for the automotive industry and heavy trucks in inter-operation

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Case study
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination of rack housing in automotive
Expert in Industrial Cleaning Machines for Automotive Parts
Cleaning steering rack housing

Particle cleaning with a MecanoLav MecanoFAST for aluminium rack housing after machining in inter-operation

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Case study
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination on fuel rail
Expert in Industrial Cleaning Machines for Automotive Parts
Industrial Washers – Cleaning and Drying Injection Ramps

Particle decontamination with a MecanoLav MecanoFAST machine to clean injection ramps before assembly and leak test

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Case study
Cleaning, degreasing and particle decontamination on hydraulic body cylinder
Industrial Parts Washer Machines for General industry
Part washing, Cleaning and drying hydraulic cylinder body

Hydraulic body cylinder degreasing with a MecanoLav MecanoFAST after machining and welding in final wash.

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