Industrial parts washer solution

We design innovative machines to clean your industrial parts and components

Our teams is here to listen your needs and to provide you the best industrial parts washer for your application. Degreasing Machine, solvent parts cleaner, industrial ultrasonic cleaner..We have the best cleaning solution for your industry.

Industrial parts washer manufacturer

Surface Alliance Cleaning is the result of a 20-year partnership between 5 major players in the industrial parts cleaning sector.

All of them have expertise in well-defined cleaning technologies. This enables us to help you choose the best parts cleaning machine for your needs.

  • Mecanolav: Expert in water-based spraying systems machine
  • Hosel EMO : Vacuum or hybrid solvent degreasing machines
  • LPW : Ultrasound Immersion/flood machine or CNp
  • Wastech : develop and manufacture spraying systems.
  • NGCT : Manufacturer of sophisticated cleaning systems for demanding cleanliness results.

From design to manufacturing of your parts washer, your cleaning solution is fully covered

Our Engineering team and manufacturing department are working together to offer you the best technical solutions to solve your parts cleanliness issues.

  • Spray washer

  • water based process

  • Solvent Machine under vacuum

  • deagreasing machine with batch load

  • Industrial ultrasonic cleaner

  • a cleaning equipment which fit into your production

Approach for industrial parts cleaning

Spray washing

Spray washing is a washing system that continuously sprays the parts to be cleaned with solvents or water until the parts are clean and free of dirt and grease. The length of the cleaning process will vary according to the degree of dirt, size and shape of your parts.

Indeed, some mechanical parts have areas that are particularly difficult to reach, making the task more arduous.

However, surface alliance Cleaning offers parts spray cleaning machines for a wide range of industries.

Parts washer used for the general industry

Ultrasonic cleaning

Our ultrasonic parts washer uses the principle of flood washing. This type of process involves changing pressure while rotating the basket in which the parts are held.

Variations in flow allow us to clean any shape of part. Ultrasound is diffused into the fluid as your parts are washed, and depending on the frequency, the cleaning process will be more or less intense.

For greater convenience, loading and unloading of parts in our machine is fully automated.

High purity flood cleaning machine with ultrasound and CNp

Vapor Degreasing

Our vacuum degreasing machine will enable you to meet the most exacting standards on the market. The Solvacs degreasing machine offers the best possible performance for cleaning and degreasing your parts without leaving any residue.

To achieve this, the work chamber is heated with solvent steam and degreasing is carried out by immersion at 95°C.

For special applications, the work chamber is adaptable so that the parts cleaning machine can be adapted to your needs.

Vacuum solvent cleaning and degreasing machine

One piece flow

Surface Alliance Cleaning offers a range of parts cleaning machines in One Piece Flow. These parts washers are often known as “Carrousel” or “Tunnel Washer”. To meet the most stringent standards of the various industrial sectors, we have created a new one-piece flow washer system.

The MecanoFAST one-piece flow washer will help you save space. What’s more, with its automatic process, it can be integrated directly into your production line. In manual mode, parts handling and washing is a breeze.

The MecanoFAST cleans and dries your parts in 20 to 60 seconds, depending on their complexity. This Parts Washer is easily adaptable to suit your needs.

Depending on your parts, contaminants and cleanliness requirement, together we can define the most suitable process

Over 20 years of innovation who allow us to answer even the toughest cleanliness standards

Our 230 employees worldwide are involved in design, manufacturing, on-site monitoring and machine installation for degreasing and decontamination of your specific parts and components.

Our machines are always rigorously monitored by our maintenance teams to ensure constant production of your equipment.That’s why our parts washers can meet every need, whatever your sector. 

One-piece flow parts washer with manual mode