Parts washer machine for Cleaning and drying railway axles

Degreasing for railway axle repair before reassembly

Cleaning and drying of railway axles

A company in the railway industry has requested our expertise in the railway axles cleaning, before repair and maintenance.

Cleaning and degreasing dirty railway axle for the railway industry

Cleaning on a flow through rail

The machine can run up to 25 different railway axles assembly and single shaft.

Wheels diameter from 23 5/8” to 51 3/16” (600 √† 1300 mm) with a 3 tonnes maximal load.

Contamination > ¬†grease, oil, sludge, dirt etc…

Results; contamination free and dry.

Speed rate : 1 railway axle every 30 minutes

A clean railway axle after cleaning and degreasing process

MB25S Multi-tanks pass through

The axles roll by moving through the MB25S machine to follow a continuous flow of production.

Long spraying ramps with some rotating sized nozzles will clean the axle from all sides.

In order to obtain repeatable results and an extended baths life, a dredge scrapes the sludge that settles in the bottom of the bath. A degreaser/decanter ensures the grease separation.

Cleaning and degreasing railway axle on a pass through machine