Cleaning and drying systems of parts before heat treatment

Batch degreasing for mechanical parts before heat treatment process

Cleaning and drying batches before heat treatment

Several companies in the heat treatment industry have already approached us to clean bulks of mechanical parts before heat treatment by quenching or tempering process.

Cleaning and degreasing batches mechanical parts before heat treatment

Batch cleaning

Maximal load : 2,5 tonnes

Contamination before heat treatment: cutting oil, water-based solution, particles, mineral salts, oxydes.

Contamination after heat treatment: tempering oil, tempering salt.

The result is free of contamination, marks and dry.

Speed rate : 1 to 6 loads par hour

Automatic loading for cleaning, degreasing industrial parts before heat treatment

Aqueous solution : MB Multi-tanks

The design of the machine is adapted to the customer’s baskets dimensions. The load is rotated and cleaned 360 degrees with sized spraying ramps. A blowing device is installed as close as possible from the load to ensures that the parts are fully dry at the end of cycle.

In order to obtain repeatable results and an extended baths life, an oil skimmer on each bath ensures the separation of the oils.

Cleaning process :  Washing, Rinsing, Blowing and Drying.

Manual loading for cleaning, degreasing mechanical parts before heat treatment


The SOLVACS Hybrid machine achieve a cleanliness without marks by combining solvent action and aqueous solution to eliminate all types of organic and non-organic contaminations with any kind of materials.

This is particularly the case for vacuum deposit processing operations (plasma, nitriding, etc…).

Option: Heat recovery from furnaces for heating cleaning machine (HTWR)

Cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts before heat treatment with solvent